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    How to register?


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    How to register?

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:13 pm

    How to register?

    it is easy and simple-
    at first you click the register button

    than you see two option:
    1. Agree to these terms
    2. I do not agree to these terms

    you select or click here option 1
    that is (agree to these terms)

    then you see this three option:

    User name : * ----------------------
    E-mail address : * ------------------
    Password : * -----------------------

    please this three option is very important, you fill-up this three option very carefully.

    user name: (type here your short name that you can see in the forum and must be need to login)
    E-mail address : ( type here your real email address- like this E-mail address must be need real or your. we are send all confirm message to you email id)
    password: ( type here your any password that will must be need to login with use name)

    than you click save button

    than view one another option
    Confirm password : ( type here again your old password that given)

    if your everything is ok
    than your registration completed successfully.

    this forum board will send you an email.

    when you get this email than you must see one link
    click in this link
    and finish your all work about registration.

    now enjoy everything in this site
    login with your user name and password.

    What a Face What a Face What a Face
    thanks to all

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